“I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it”


From “Tigergate”, Orlando in October 2009…

September 2012: Established what was supposed to be a temporary combination of a home and a creative work place in Palma, Mallorca, Spain, while planning for emigration to the US.


July 2013: Made major, and life changing, job decisions regarding editing and consulting for Group 8 Marketing Inc, St Augustine, Florida, USA.



…to terrorist trial in Philadelpia 2010…









…and moving to Palma, Spain 2012.

September 2013: Extended above mentioned activities, with the help of Gunnar Hedqwist, founder of Florida.nu.
Decided to make the Palma adress more permanent than planned. Although still residing in Sweden.

December 2013: Evaluation of the pilot project, deciding on continuation.

January 2014: Was hired by Group 8 Marketing Inc. Group 8, based in St Augustine, Florida, as Chief Editor and media consultant.

August 2014: Began extensive and comprehensive redesign of Florida.nu.

November 2014: Launched above project.


This bulletin board became an important symbol in the beginning of the LIT project. Our Russian editor and web designer Anastasija Cibulevska was an inspiring employee during the initial phase.

December 2014: The LIT project was added for experimental reasons.

January 2015: The LIT project, intended for the international market, was officially added to Group 8.

Became Spanish resident.









screen_5March 2015: FloridaUSAguide.com was launched.

June 2015: Swedish company Suneson International Media was deregistered at Bolagsverket, Sweden.

August 2015: Retired.

September 2015: New situation, now just working a few hours/week as media consultant.

January 2016: New challenges (within a reasonable amount of work hours) means a different way of working. Not especially fond of long term projects, but caved in because of several reasons.

2017: Redesign of Florida.nu. Both international sites gone for now. Below information is not up to date.













Swedish online publication Florida.nu, its Facebook page and to the right Facebook page for FloridaUSAguide.com.








 About Florida in German…                                                                                                                      – and for Russians!




Right after the earthquake in Haiti January 2010, interviewing a Scandinavian survivor. Photo: AXEL ÖBERG

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No more trips overseas just for joy. Nowadays only job related options makes me leave the base camp. Exceptions are rare, and reasons could be an urgent need of more sunshine.


Base camp Palma de Mallorca.

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